7 Skills to Look for Before Hiring Node JS Developers


Make sure that the web developer you’re hiring knows exactly when to crash, when to log an error, when to continue, and when to retry. As a result, developers will take more time with their projects. Therefore, excellent skills in understanding and creating custom ReSTful APIs are essential in Node.js development. Most Node.js developers know that Express is the foundational framework that all Node.js developers and programmers should know. Other frameworks such as Koa.js, Hapi, and Total.js were created to expand the basic functionalities of Express.

What should a junior node JS developer know

A good Node.js developer must be equipped to work smarter, using these existing RESTful APIs and other basic APIs and integrate multiple systems for better software development. Derby.js is a full-stack Model View Controller framework that is widely used for most modern web applications. One of the unique features of this framework is its ability Junior Node JS developer job to synchronize text data and JSON between databases, servers, and browsers in real-time. Given the increasing number of STEM graduates, landing a job as a Node.js developer is an uphill task especially if you are starting out. As such, having a good Node.js developer resume that clearly demarcates your skills could make all the difference.

Contribute to an Open Source Project

NodeJS is a server-side programming language using which one can customize the responses according to the request presented by a customer on the website or web application. For example, let’s say that someone has clicked on a dropdown option that will display a certain popup. There are many advantages of using NodeJS, a developer will be able to build an API that will get invoked as soon as the request is sent to the server. NodeJS has changed the technological world, by allowing businesses to automate their operations and build a non-blocking architecture. However, to integrate these features with the ops, one needs a well-trained and skilled team of developers.

What should a junior node JS developer know

We’ll offer tips for how to build a competitive Node.js developer CV, and how to evaluate one, if you’re in the market to hire. The difference between Entry-Level and Junior developers is strictly related to job experience. An entry-level is someone applying for their first job experience. They have a basic knowledge of programming languages and software but no experience on a practical level. Yes, your language skills matter, but there are other technical skills that set you apart as a junior developer.

Companies that need IT talent tend to congregate in cities where the cost of living is low. However, after they place their office there, the process of gentrification is possible. It’s when prices rise due to the fact that programmers relocate to those regions massively. The increased cost of living can be as much as 20 percent higher in these cities than in others. Have working knowledge in user authentication and authorization.

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Invest the time in your text editor, and it will help you succeed. Critical thinking engages with the why question of a problem before jumping right to an answer. This skill allows you to analyze your work, the codebase, etc, before rushing into an ineffective or incomplete solution. State your needs early on, and never promise product delivery schedules you cannot keep. Since you are early in your career, consider tracking your work strategically for organized and action-oriented data.

Nowadays, they are more complex, and developers have to deal with many aspects of building and maintaining them. Therefore, VSC leaves room for mistakes because it ensures developers get back on the right track. As a junior developer, you absolutely need to be taught workflow and best practices, but that is different than being controlled.

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A Creator of ActivityPub on What’s Next for the Fediverse.

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According to data from FullStack Labs, junior Node.js developers earn an average of $86k/year; mid-range developers with 4–6 years of experience earn $99k/year, and senior developers earn $117k/year. Node.js is open source and free on top of everything else, so developers love it, especially JavaScript devs who want to take their coding to the next level. And the people hiring these developers are interested in today’s faster, real-time, event-driven servers, so Node.js developers are in high demand. There are a lot of existing tools and projects that can make software development in Node.js much simpler. These projects can be integrated with the existing systems using APIs.

Efficiency in Handling Timelines

What’s more, the JavaScript language itself has been improving steadily since 2015, when ES6 was released. The reason is because prior to 2015, each JS version was introduced extremely periodically (such as every 3-5 years) but since 2015, a new version is released each year. Overall, the tech stack has undergone quite a smooth evolution. In some ways, we can say Node is similar to PHP, Python, and Ruby (being a dynamically-typed scripting language), though it’s way more advanced in terms of functional programming capabilities.

  • A Junior position always needs supervision and review, but you can count on a better command of tools and a more complete overview of a development project.
  • Assist the development manager in working on software design and coding.
  • At the same time, the candidate has access to all of the resources that they would normally use including libraries, frameworks, StackOverflow, and even Google.
  • It just goes to show how quickly the popularity of Node.js has shot up.
  • Lead developers must have a solid command of programming languages and software development.

We understand the concept of callback but what will happen if your code will have callbacks within callbacks within callbacks and it goes on. Well, this recursive structure of callback is called ‘callback hell’ and promises to help to solve this kind of issue. Promises are useful in asynchronous javascript operations when we need to execute two or more back-to-back operations , where each subsequent function starts when the previous one is completed. A promise is an object that may produce a single value sometime in the future, either a resolved value or a reason that it’s not resolved . According to developer.mozilla “A Promise is an object representing the eventual completion or failure of an asynchronous operation.

What Else Could Affect the Cost of Node JS Developer

In a crowded field of tech talent, what does a true Node.js professional resume look like? And if you’re a company looking for talent, how do you separate a standout candidate from one who’s merely average? In this article we’ll break it down for you, and show you step by step what competence looks like in the Node.js developer world.

You may be wondering how Node.js compares to similar jobs like frontend, backend, and full-stack developer. Full-stack development, in particular, may interest you, as the Node.js experience is identical in many ways. You could end up earning more than the average, or you could very well earn far less. The best advice is to keep your options open and look for jobs that pay you fairly. Average hourly rate for Node.js developers.These estimates are much higher than the average Node.js salary, even for senior Node.js developers.

She has an MBA in international business and has worked for over twenty years in education. Kelli is a huge fan of dancing, podcasts, and to-do list apps. But the good news is that this learning curve can be overcome with experience. You have the skills, the knowledge, and the experience to impress an employer.

What should a junior node JS developer know

A lot of new developers don’t hear about prototypes, they use classes and they are happy. But some of interviewers are old-school guys and they ask old-school questions. All the development processes within the Node JS environment will be executed using this programming language, so a potential candidate must know it flawlessly. Yes, you can hire Node.js developers via the community in Discord. There are many skilled developers in the community who are capable of delivering top-notch results within your given budget and timeline.

1. Questions that you should ask about a Node.js developer’s experience. Why should you ask each of those questions?

Closely related to that, try to get a “big picture” understanding of where software development fits into the business. You should understand how you provide value to your customer, and how to eliminate everything else as much as possible. Have you been working https://wizardsdev.com/ with microservices and/or distributed systems? If your company’s products handle a massive scale (of users, requests, etc.) and require high availability, then often this leads to distributed systems, where only a piece of the system is being scaled.

What should a junior node JS developer know

A good Node.js developer will know how to prioritize their tasks, provide accurate time estimations until completion, and get things done by their deadlines. Developers especially need this skill because they work on many projects or many parts of the puzzle for one project, all at once. The js in Node.js stands for JavaScript – the language used.

Junior developers might not have had a chance to release a severe bug, but senior developers definitely have. The perfect programmer does not exist, i.e, someone who has made zero mistakes. So the question beckons if the consequences of a mistake were painful for the candidate.


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